Saturday, March 25th, 2017
Just A Short Run Half Marathon & 30K
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


 1:40 GOAL FINISH TIME (7:38/Mile)   Pacer Aaron

1:50 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:24/Mile)   Pacer Mimi  

2:00 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:10/Mile)  Pacer Cristin

2:10 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:55/Mile)   Pacer Emma  

2:20 GOAL FINISH TIME (10:40/Mile)   Pacer Amanda     

2:30 GOAL FINISH TIME (11:26/Mile)   Pacer Tim T

If you have any questions, please contact

 We will have Pacers for the 30K!

8:00 Min/Mile PACE   Pacer Stu  

8:30 Min/Mile PACE   Pacer Mike  

9:00 Min/Mile PACE   Pacer Sha 

9:30 Min/Mile PACE  Pacer Jay

10:00 Min/Mile PACE    Pacer  Suzanne

11:00 Min/Mile PACE    Pacer Tim P

At Just A Short Run we will be wearing apparel
provided through the generosity of Elite Runners & Walkers


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