Pacer Lloyd 


Brecksville, OH


Current P.R.

2:54:58 at Glass City 2010

Where were you born?

Hayward, CA


Number of marathons

27, 16 ultras


May 21st


Favorite marathon

Flying Pig Marathon

Typical pace

3:20- 3:40


Favorite running music

Most times I run without music, but if I did either Michael Franti or Carlos Jones would find my playlist.


Fitness Trainer


Favorite running food


Any hobbies?

Trail running, cycling, cooking.


Who do you train with?

I work at the Vertical Runner in Hudson, OH, so I frequently run with our organized group runs.

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Now reading "Brain Training for Runners"


Personal goals

Currently working towards a degree in Physical Therapy Assisting








Why do you run?

One summer while serving in the Army, a colleague of mine mentioned running the Portland (OR) Marathon. I ended up joining their training group and ran the marathon some 8 weeks later. "Never again," I said afterwards.

A few years later I took up running again and the activity helped me quit smoking. I guess I've traded addictions since I've run over two dozen marathons in the past 6 years.


Describe your best marathon memory.

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon for the first time at the Flying Pig Marathon. After falling just short in a few attempts, I finally broke through on a day where everything came together just right.


Why do you pace?

I enjoy having an opportunity to provide a service and if possible, help other runners achieve their marathon goals. Pacing also keeps me in shape for my goal races, marathon and beyond.


Tell us your best pacing experience.

Not during a marathon, but on occasion at the Boston Marathon I've had runners recognize me and let me know I was there when they had qualified for Boston. I enjoy that feeling.



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