Pacer Nancy at the Ann Arbor Marathon


See Pacer Nancy's interview from the USAF Marathon

  Pacer Nancy 


Ann Arbor, MI


Current P.R.

3:25:50 at Grandma’s in 2005

Where were you born?

Evansville, IN


Number of marathons



Favorite marathon

Grandma’s and Boston

Typical pace

8min/mi – 9min/mi, depending on my goal for that particular marathon. Typically I pace the 4:10 – 4:20 groups.


Favorite running music

I never run with music. I usually have very good company with me.


I’m in an Information Specialist for University of Michigan’s library system.


Favorite running food

All food is favorite food. I don’t show a preference towards one group over another.

Any hobbies?

On the side, I swim and bike. But I’m not interested in taking that a different level.


Who do you train with?

I train mostly with my running club, about 10 of us, including 2 dogs.

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Right now I’m reading lots and lots of science books. But my favorite books include real life adventure stories and Victorian literature.


A quotation you like…

“Don’t give up; don’t ever give up.”

Personal goals

Currently I’m working on a BS (2nd degree) in Biology with a Chemistry minor. And I’d also like to become fluent in Spanish.






Why do you run?


I run for the entertainment value!


Describe your best marathon memory.


My best run marathon is probably my most memorable marathon. Boston ’06 – The weather was marathon perfect; I was completely relaxed and healthy with no real strategy in mind. This brought about a cool 3:26:47.


Why do you pace?


Pacing is a very rewarding experience for me. I really get a thrill out of seeing those in my group cross the finish line. Plus I too get a medal for my effort!


Tell us your best pacing experience.


Every pacing experience is a “best” pacing experience, especially when runners feel happy and healthy at the end of the race.


Why should someone run in your pace group?


The group offers companionship, which is a great way to get through some dark miles of the marathon. Runners tend not feel so isolated if they are part of a group attempting the same goal.


Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Please be relaxed, ready to run a healthy marathon in a smart fashion, and simply be prepared to have fun!  And make sure you look great for our group photo ops on the course!


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