Pacer Mey

Where are you from?


Current P.R.

Marathon: 4:03:44 half:1:47:54 5k:22:10

Typical pace

Easy pace: ~9 to 10 min/mi tempo pace: ~7:20-7:30

Number of marathons



Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Favorite marathon

New York City



Favorite Running Food

Usually nothing. Some e-gels on long tempo runs.

What are you reading now?

Endure by Alex Hutchinson

Who do you train with?

Luciano Medina

Personal goals

 BQ for 2020



A quotation you like…

Life is not about waiting for the storm to past, it is about dancing in the rain.


Why do you run?


I originally started to run to lose the 30 lbs that put on through my college years. A few months later stopped because of an asthma attack. Started again a year later and my asthma was getting better. Then I met my boyfriend who is a runner and got me into racing. Now I run because I enjoy competing as I am improving. Also running is my escape moment from everything else in my life.

Describe your best marathon memory.


I enjoy running New York City Marathon in 2017. 5 months prior that race I had a major surgery. I didn’t think I was able to run that race. Yet I managed to have fun with the crowd, PR by 25 mins+ and race the last mile as my fastest pace of the race.

Why do you pace?


That feeling that you get when you help someone else reach their goal is un

Tell us your best pacing experience.


I was Pacing  2018 San Diego Half marathon and at mile 3 I started to talk to this older guy in my group. He told me that he has been running for years and only got closed to a 2:10 half once in his running career and he was way younger but he is not sure if he can hold on with me until the end of the race. I started to encourage him and told him let run together at least up to the hill. He struggled through the hill but I kept talking to him and he got the top. At the end of the race he was so happy that I helped him break 2:10.

Why should someone run in your pace group?


If someone wants to run at a consistent pace throughout a race while they are being motivated I am the person for that. I make sure I calculate water stops and elevations during a race.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Stay with me if you want to last at the end of long race. Not because you feel good you should take off at full speed. Unless you running a 10K or shorter race, you won’t last. If you are still feeling good past half way, you can slowly start picking it up.






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