Pacer Emeritis Mark


Where are you from?

Madison, WI


Current P.R.





Number of marathons


Typical pace



Favorite marathon

Flying Monkey


Chemistry Professor


Favorite Running Food

Gummi Worms


abstract art, disc golf, camping


Who do you train with?

Members of my College’s cross country team

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Murder mysteries


A quotation you like…

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission" - Neil Kendall

Personal goals

Top 5 100 mile national championiship






Why do you run?


Originally it was to keep my weight down, now it is to keep be even keeled. Runnign reduces my stress and allows me to relax and enjoy life. Without running, I would be stressed, high strung, and an angry person.


Describe your best marathon memory.


Too many to count. My first marathon win (very unexpected). Crossing the finish line at Boston. Sunrises during marathons.





Tell us your best pacing experience.


(as an unofficial pacer) I once met a guy 1 mile into a marathon who was running his second marathon ever and trying to qualify for Boston. I ran with him for the next 25+ miles and he qualified with 30 seconds to spare. Running in between a mother and baby moose (in Alaska). World record fastest marathon while dribbling a basketball.


Why should someone run in your pace group?


Never a dull moment. I enjoy talking during a marathon. I love to swap stories and share insight into marathon running. The miles will fly by if you are with me as I will keep you thinking about something other than your quads screaming


Any tips for runners about to join your group?


You can meet your goals and have fun all at the same time.


What philanthropic activities do you have?

I give of my time whenever possible, at local races, the Boy scouts, school activities, etc.



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