Pacer Ken


Where are you from?

Canton, Michigan

Current P.R.

54 hours for 150 miles.Sub 24 hrs. for 100 miles. Sub 9 hrs. for 50 miles.  This going back in time, younger days,Sub 3 hrs. for a marathon. Sub 39 mins. For 10k. Sub 19 mins. For 5k

Typical pace

8 minutes for a marathon ( comfortable)

Number of marathons

85-90   I lost count


Fire Fighter

Favorite marathon

Marine Corp.


Traveling, Hiking

Favorite Running Food

Chomps/sugar wafers

What are you reading now?

Killing Lincoln

Who do you train with?

Mark McCaslin, Steve Rose, Andrew harding, Hong Weng, Sara Hathaway and a large cast of others.

Personal goals

To run a 500 miler



A quotation you like…

“Prepare for Glory” Not really a quote but it gets me through the training runs.




Why do you run?


Being with friends and always pushing the envelope and enjoying the outdoors.



Describe your best marathon memory.


I was running a marathon  in full fire fighter turn out gear to raise funds for a burn center for children.



Why do you pace?


For the love of the sport and to help others achieve something that the will always remember.



Tell us your best pacing experience.


There are so many  I just can’t separate one to be my best. Encouraging people throughout the race and all the hugs and some times tears, well, it’s just the whole experience every time.



Why should someone run in your pace group?


We will have fun and will be enjoying the whole experience, not just the amount of time it takes you. I have been told that I am a very supportive person and very consistent with my pace.



Any tips for runners about to join your group?


If it’s your first marathon, Have fun and don’t forget it’s the joy of running. Smile a lot, you will always remember your first marathon. Make it special because it is special.



Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes don’t forget to drink, drink and drink “water that is” during the race.




What philanthropic activities do you have?

I volunteer on many occasions and have been involved in my community and in the running community for a very long time. Charities can keep me busy as well.





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