Pacer Jason


Where are you from?

Philadelphia, Pa

Current P.R.




Typical pace

6:30/mi - 7:30/mi

Number of marathons



Clinical Information Systems, Florida Hospital

Favorite marathon



Running and eating.

Favorite Running Food

Accel Gel

What are you reading now?

Latest issue of runners world!- or GQ

Who do you train with?

Orlando Galloway - Gazelles

Personal goals

BQ this year at Celebration Marathon or Santa Rosa



A quotation you like…

“Life is a journey not a destination.”


Why do you run?


Running has changed my life. It made me realize that I am capable of anything.

Why do you pace?


Love being part of a team. It would make me so happy to help people complete their goals and PR!

Tell us your best pacing experience.


This one!

Why should someone run in your pace group?


I have a great steady pace. I find it easy to stick to a set pace and am a very positive thinker. It’s going to be great!

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


It should feel like we are going too slow for the first 8 miles. You want that energy at mile 20 to decide whether you can push it or not.  






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