Pacer Elisha

Where are you from?

Philadelphia, PA

Current P.R.

3:22 (Marine Corps)

Typical pace


Number of marathons




Favorite marathon

Marine Corps


Traveling, Fashion, Trying new foods

Favorite Running Food

Untapped Maple Syrup Packets

What are you reading now?

I’m not the best reader, so I joined a book club to keep me motivated. Right now, we’re reading Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler.

Who do you train with?

Fast Tracks Valley Forge Running Club

Personal goals

Sub 3:15 marathon, Run a marathon in 50 states, Run all of the Marathon Majors



A quotation you like…

Harder moments are opportunities to rise and grow - Deena Kastor


Why do you run?


I’ve only picked up running 8 years ago and through that time, it has been therapy for me.

Describe your best marathon memory.


My first Boston in 2013. I saw my family on the course about 4 or 5 times which was so awesome to have their support, especially since that was a life changing day.

Why do you pace?


To help others reach their goals through my running abilities and to have fun!

Why should someone run in your pace group?


I like to keep a steady pace, and jog through the water stops. I recommend taking a gel every 5-6 miles and alternating water and energy drinks every rest stop. I will do everything I can to help you meet your goal.  I like to make people laugh and to inspire along the way. Let’s go!

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


If you prepare your body well before the race (proper training, nutrition) and follow a fueling plan during the race, there is no wall. You are physically prepared, it’s a matter of mental fitness come mile 20+!

Anything else you’d like to share?

The best mentors I have I met, I’ve found through running. Every marathon runner I’ve met so far along the way is very successful in life and have inspired me to reach goals that I never thought were possible.


What philanthropic activities do you have?

I am passionate about teaching students about STEM through hands on learning as an ambassador for my company. Additionally, I am the Senior VP of Outreach for the Society of Women Engineers and am serving on the global alumni board for my alma mater, RPI.



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