Pacer David


Pittsburgh, PA


Current P.R.


Where were you born?

Far Away


Number of marathons

60+ including 5 ultras, 20+ as a pace team leader


Long Ago


Favorite marathon

The next one.

Typical pace



Favorite running music

I never listen to music while running.  I want to be able to identify the sound of the car that runs me over from behind.


Trucking company manager


Favorite running food

I don't run with music or food.

Any hobbies?

What, running marathons isn't enough?


Who do you train with?

On the weekends I run with some trail-running, ultra-running friends.  It's sometimes a humbling experience, especially if they show up on Sunday morning having run 3 or 4 hours on Saturday, and still run at my pace.

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Just finished Playing for Pizza by John Grisham


A quotation you likeā€¦

"Friends may come and friends may go, and friends may peter out you know.  But you're my friend through thick or thin, peter out or peter in".

Personal goals

Outlive my money






Why do you run?

To avoid getting beaten up.


Describe your best marathon memory.

I've run some marathons where everything went well- the weather cooperated, I was well prepared, I ran the right pace to minimize my time or nearly so, and reached my goal.  But the ones I remember most are when I've struggled with the elements, or with myself, and still did well, even though I may not have reached my goal time. After the race, i feel just as good about my having overcome adversity and pain as I would have had everything gone perfectly. 


Why do you pace?

My probation officer promised me time off for community service.



Tell us your best pacing experience.

St Louis, about 2004, I was helping a college coed try to qualify for Boston.  She dropped off the pace at about 23, and it's almost unheard of for someone to rally that late in a race if they've faltered.  But I kept turning around and yelling back to her to encourage her, and urged spectators that I passed to spur her on as she got to them, and she miraculously caught me at about 25 3/4 miles and literally cried shen she crossed the finish line with me.


Why should someone run in your pace group?

I'm not a Chatty Kathy Pace Team Leader, so if you enjoy non-stop talking you may be disappointed.  I talk enough to let you know I care about your efforts, I tell just enough jokes to keep you wanting more, and I will encourage you to make your goal.  If you're still with me at mile 20, I will help you with nutrition and hydration.  We will finish about 30-40 seconds ahead of goal time, as I would rather do that than take the chance that mile 25 or 26 were mis-marked and we miss our goal by a few seconds. 


Any tips for runners about to join your group?

Better to taper too much than too little.  Run your last hard run (e.g., tempo, interval) AT LEAST 4 days before the race, preferably 5.  Buy a throwaway jacket at Goodwill for about $3 and wear it to the start, then toss it when you no longer need it.  Double knot your laces.  Bring a water bottle to the start line so you can skip the first water station or two.  Thank the volunteers.  Watch for the photographers and smile as they take your picture, especially at the finish line. 



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