Pacer Bob


Where are you from?

Canton, OH

Current P.R.


Typical pace

Varies from low 8’s to mid 9’s per training schedule at the time.

Number of marathons 




Production Manager

Favorite marathon



Running, friends from Jackson Run Club & family

Favorite Running Food

Pasta & Clif Bars

What are you reading now?

George Sheehan’s “Running & Being” & Runners World on-line.

Who do you train with?

Lots of folks from the Jackson Running Club.

Personal goals

Qualifying 1 time for the Boston Marathon.  I accomplished that last year.


I ran a marathon in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s.  I want to run a marathon every decade into my 90’s.

I want to stay healthy, strong & energized into old age.

I also want to run races with my grandchildren.


A quotation you like…

 Earn your shower!

Why do you run?


I run because I love it!  It keeps me healthy, strong, and happy & gives me energy out of this world.  It also has brought me many friends which in turn makes me a better runner & a better person.  I also like to motivate my own family & friends by showing you can excel in exercising & achieve goals at any age.


Describe your best marathon memory.


Last year at the age of 53, I qualified for the 2013 Boston Marathon with a time of 3:29:57.  3 seconds to spare.  I ran with the 3:25 pace group through 19 miles until I couldn’t turn my legs over quick enough to stay with them.  I went into my own zone & focused on earning my shower.  My 2 sons Tim & Jacob encouraged me in the 25th mile by yelling NO PAIN to me.  That helped a bit.  My training from Runners World, TrainingPeaks was the ultimate payoff for me.  I used the sub 3:30 plan & what a plan that is.  Lots of speed, tempo’s Yasso 800’s & long runs paid off in the end.  When I turned the final corner in Columbus, I knew it was close for a sub 3:30 & I went into an all out sprint the last quarter mile to Boston qualify by a mere 3 seconds.  I was strong & very happy with that finish.  I laid everything on the line & earned my shower!

Why do you pace?


I wanted to be on the Canton Pace Team because I ran my 1st marathon at the age of 27 in 3:59:10 in Cleveland.  I was very happy to go sub-4 & I want to see how my pack of  runners reacts when they cross the finish line.  I also designed the courses for Canton & spent many hours on this huge task & many last minute changes before the initial Canton Marathon Expo.  I love running with pace teams & I’m very consistent with my goals.  This will also keep me honest.

Tell us your best pacing experience.


The 2011 Akron Marathon was a training run for Columbus 3 weeks later.  I went with the 3:45 pace group with Josh as our pacer.  Josh was the best pacer I’ve ever ran with.  We ran a negative race & picked it up after 10 miles in & from mile 20 on, I took off over 2 minutes off the goal of 3:45, and I finished with a 3:42 & change.  Josh is an ultra marathon & he loves to eat.  He said you must eat when you run his schedule.  Josh was a lot of fun & he would always pull the rabbits back into the pack keeping our group in check.  Our pack was down to 2 men, 2 women & Josh.  Josh told us at mile 24 to go get it & we did.  This race I was strong & never had any issues at all & had a blast with our pace group.  I also liked how the Race Director shook every marathoners hand at the finish line.  What a class act!

Why should someone run in your pace group?


I’ve been running since I was in junior high & I know all the ups & downs over my career.  I will keep our group at an even pace the whole way & we will have fun.  I know how to motivate & coach others while in the run.  I will be the cheerleader out there without a doubt & our group will be in on-time.  I also know some running members from the Jackson Run Club who want to go Sub-4.  We communicate via the Canton Marathon Face book; Jackson & North Canton run clubs face book pages.  We meet on Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays & train together.  If I get the 4 hour pace duty I will encourage the 4 hour pact to run with me on Sunday’s.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


They need to have a training plan no doubt.  They need speed & long runs.  I will do my best to get them to their goals.  I will coach them with how to run hills.  Keep vertical, don’t lean forward, push off hill with your legs, pop up like your running on springs & then let your self go on down hills.  I learned that from Runners World TrainingPeak training schedule.  George Sheehan had a tip I still use.  When you are in pain with stitches or anything, groan when you exhale.  It relieves the tension in your body & it does work.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Use Gu in your training & race.  It’s a must & I will encourage runners to use it on race day.

I also will tell them to use Accelerade from GNC 5 days prior to race day & one the morning of the race.

I also used compression socks & shorts my last 2 marathons & they absolutely work.


What philanthropic activities do you have?

I lead my life at work, home & running life as a leader.  We need to set our goals high & not settle for anything less.



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