Pacer Bill 



Swartz Creek, MI  


Current P.R.

3:39 at Mississauga, ON in May, 2007

Where were you born?

Detroit, MI


Number of marathons

41 (21 states and 1 ultra)


August 17th


Favorite marathon

Chicago – the big city and huge support

Typical pace

always 4:30 (10:17 per mile)


Favorite running music

something with a fast beat and catchy tune.  Black Eyed Peas, VanHalen’s “Right Now”, Classic Motown tunes by Stevie Wonder, the Temps or Jackson 5, Sugarland’s “It Happens”


IT Consultant 


Favorite running food

my wife is a strict vegetarian and I support her when we’re together, but when she leaves, I head to McDonalds to get Chocolate Chip cookies and a large Diet Coke.  I run to each junk food…sad as that sounds

Any hobbies?

I really enjoy home improvement projects because it gives me a sense of visual accomplishment that I don’t get in the other parts of my life. 


Who do you train with?

training to me is more group therapy.  I schedule weekly runs with a group of friends and we talk about anything that’s happened in the past week.  Sometimes when you’re a little relaxed while running and not making eye contact, you can share some pretty personal stories.  I like to drag my stories out since we frequently have a couple hours.  .

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Favorite – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.


Personal goals

Eventually complete marathon’s in all 50 states, I’d like to run more ultras because I can justify a slower pace, and I just started grad classes for my MBA.  And my biggest goal is to help raise 4 responsible, happy, and self-sufficient adults.  








Why do you run?

running gives me more energy and a great stress relief.  I’ve got 4 kids ranging in age of 9 to 18 and if I’m not driving them somewhere, I’m tutoring, coaching, or cleaning up.  It also makes me feel young, no matter what that guy looks like who stares back at me in the mirror.


Describe your best marathon memory.

I’m a big Notre Dame fan and I ran the Sunburst Marathon in South Bend (my dad was there to cheer me on) and I got to finish on the 50 yard line inside the stadium.  It was like I was in the final scene of the movie Rudy.


Why do you pace?

I get the same rush being a part of someone else finishing their first marathon as I did when I finished my first.


Tell us your best pacing experience.

unfortunately the only memories I have are the very few bad ones.  I paced New York City and that race was so packed that I was running side to side to pass people and the long hills beat me up.  In Salt Lake City, the race was beautiful but the altitude made it really tough to carry the sign the full distance, and nobody in my group had the energy either.  Now, that being said, Detroit is probably my favorite race to pace because of the flat course, mild temps and just the right size.


Why should someone run in your pace group?

I have a really good ability to help you forget the discomfort by distracting you.  I’m like a one-man vaudeville show.  I will dazzle you with magic, juggling with fire, river dance, sing, and perform the entire second act of Street Car Named Desire**. (** some of this may be exaggerated).  I will talk with you, cheer you on, hold you back at first to maintain a good pace, and will tell you funny and motivating stories.  I get lots of hugs after the race, so I must be doing something right.  If you leave the race thinking you could see yourself running another one, then I’ve accomplished my goal.


Any tips for runners about to join your group?

best tip for me are:

Train your long run as if that were your “trial” marathon.  Wake up at that time, eat what you will before your race, and wear the same outfit.

If you don’t mind bananas, then start eating them (or more of them) a couple days before the race, to race day.  This will increase your potassium level and help to prevent cramping.

Respect the taper, you are more likely to hurt yourself by over training than under training.  The day before, relax and take it easy.  The night before, eat a healthy dinner and re 

If it rains on race day, bring a 30 gallon trash bag and tear a hole in the bottom to put your head through.  You’ll be amazed how warm it will keep you. 

If it’s warm on race day (or a long run), put some Vaseline on your eyebrows to keep the sweat out of your eyes. 

Start to put gobs of lotion on the bottom of your feet a couple nights before the race or before your long runs to keep your skin moist, this will prevent blisters. 

Walk through water stops so you don’t wear it.  Take your first sip of water and only rinse out your mouth then spit it out.  This will prevent sweat from getting into your mouth and stomach and giving you a sour stomach.  After that, take a drink. If you are sweating, make sure your drink includes electrolytes like Gatorade or PowerAde. e. Squeeze the cup to a “V”

Bring some type of snack on the race (or long run) so you can eat every hour and do this during your training.  If the race supplies Gu, I would suggest trying to train with Gu so you can take advantage of the free gels. 

It’s your race so whatever works for you is what you should do and stick to your plan.       



Anything else you'd like to share?

No matter what your running goal is, I can’t speak highly enough of any professional pace team.  It’s your race, have fun and take advantage of a free service.    


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