Pacer Aaron



Bethel Park, PA


Current P.R.


Where were you born?

Steubenville, Ohio


Number of marathons

12 and counting


January 28


Favorite marathon


Typical pace



Favorite running music

Anything upbeat, good tempo, motivating words


Human Resources


Favorite running food

The big burger I usually treat myself to after each marathon.  Actually, I’m still fond of PB&J and the pre-race pasta dinners are always enjoyable.

Any hobbies?



Who do you train with?

Clif Shot Blocks for my long runs

Personal goals

Sub 3:00 marathon and to enjoy the experience of the Boston Marathon as many times as I am able.


A quotation you like…

“Today, define yourself!”  Spoken to Deena Kastor by her coach before she won the 2005 Chicago Marathon. 








Why do you run?


To set and break new personal challenges and because of the camaraderie with other runners I train with and meet along the way. 


Describe your best marathon memory.


Philly 2007.  After many efforts to qualify for Boston I was making yet another attempt.  This was after my best summer of training and a disappointing Chicago Marathon because of extreme heat.  My buddy Steve was running the entire race with me.  Our buddy Justin would join us for the final 10 miles.  Both had been to Boston and both knew I had it in me to get there as well.  All was going according to plan until the infamous ‘wall’ at mile 20.  We began giving time back and it was going to be close.  Steve was calculating every millisecond.  He and Justin were constantly turning around shouting words of encouragement.  We got to the final turn.  Justin saw the clock first and turned around to tell me “YOU HAVE TWENY SECONDS!”  I dug deep and finished in 3:10:52….a whopping eight seconds to spare!  Having two of my training partners there to push me along and share in that experience was priceless.  And running my first Boston Marathon the following Spring is something I’ll never forget.


Why do you pace?


It is a great feeling to help others achieve their goals.




Why should someone run in your pace group?


I think I would be able to offer motivation to those around me and encourage them to dig deep when they don’t think they can.  I would help them take their mind off of the pain they might be feeling and focus on something more positive or light-hearted….like a song, a mantra, or other encouraging things.


Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Prepare to have fun while achieving your goals.  We’re going to work hard, but with the help of the entire group it won’t feel like hard work.


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