Vero Beach Half Marathon

Vero Beach, Florida

January 23, 2022
We want all runners to be comfortable when running with one of our Pacers.  
Think SPACERS, not PACERS:  Both in the start zone and during the run Pacers will remind you to maintain a six-foot distance from other runners.  If they can wack you with their sign than you're too close.  If a Pacer gives you a reminder that you are too close please quickly move out to a safer distance. 
Follow the Pace Sign:  The Pacers will be carrying their pace signs for the entire race and they are easily visible for hundreds of feet so take advantage of that and spread out.  

  1:35 GOAL FINISH TIME (7:15/Mile)    Pacer Shane 

  1:40 GOAL FINISH TIME (7:38/Mile)  Pacer Steve

 1:45 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:01/Mile)   Pacer Jess

  1:50 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:24/Mile)  Pacer Scott

  1:55 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:47/Mile)  Pacer Drew

 2:00 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:09/Mile)   Pacer Chris

 2:10 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:55/Mile)   Pacer Christine

  2:20 GOAL FINISH TIME (10:42/Mile)     Pacer Tim   

 2:30 GOAL  FINISH TIME (11:27/Mile)  Pacer Jim

 2:45 GOAL  FINISH TIME (12:35/Mile)  Pacer Rachel

Pace Team Director:    Pacer Jim

 If you have any questions, please contact


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