Pacer Tara


Where are you from?



Current P.R.



August 22


Number of marathons


Typical pace

Avg b/t 8 to 8:35 min/mi


Favorite marathon



Stay at home mom (retired attorney)


Favorite Running Food

Classic chocolate power bar the morning of the race!


Besides running – keeping up with my kids and their many activities!  Also cycling, strength training, golf, reading


Who do you train with?

I used to run with a great group of runners, but with my husband and kids’ schedules I now primarily run by myself and my great dog Luke!

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Favorite Book – The Right Stuff; Reading now – A Land Remembered


A quotation you like…

I know it’s over-played, but “Just Do It!” has stuck with me for a long time!

Personal goals

Run a sub 3:10 marathon, do a tri, and be the best mom and wife I can be for my two wonderful kids and husband!






Why do you run?


It’s in my blood!  My dad is an amazing runner (over 80 marathons to date) and passed on his love of running to me – it’s my “zen” that gives me amazing physical and mental energy yet also keeps me relaxed and focused all at the same time.


Describe your best marathon memory.


Crossing the Boston finish line in 2006 – almost 9 months to the day after I had my son following a tough bed-rest pregnancy – with a PR by almost 14 minutes and feeling great!  When I crossed the finish line, I started crying with joy and the medics rushed over, but I gushed to them “These are happy tears!!”


Why do you pace?


This will be my first official pacing experience, but I have really enjoyed pacing friends and family informally in the past as I love helping others meet their goals and enjoy the running experience!


Tell us your best pacing experience.


I helped my step-mom complete her first half marathon at the 2008 Gasparilla – crossing the finish line hand in hand with her and my father was great!


Why should someone run in your pace group?


Because I love to share the joy of running and meeting personal goals with others – I am also a great cheerleader and very determined to help my whole group meet their goal!


Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Stay focused but relaxed – go out easy, enjoy the experience and have fun!


Anything else you’d like to share?

Look forward to seeing you at the race!



What philanthropic activities do you have?

I lead my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and also volunteer extensively at both my daughter and son’s schools.



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