Pacer Solomon

Where are you from?

Originally from the former Soviet Union but grew up in Chicago

Current P.R.


Typical pace

Typically 7:15-8:15

Number of marathons

68 (excluding ultras)


Investment Analyst

Favorite marathon



Travel with the family, live music/musicals/comedy shows, race-cations of course!

Favorite Running Food

Maurten Gels

What are you reading now?

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Who do you train with?

Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) and, during the offseason, a great crew of fellow Chicago area runners!

Personal goals

Primary goal is to stay healthy and to be able to run for many years to come! Secondary goals include running as many sub-3:00 states as possible, running marathons on all seven continents, running all the majors, and continuing to push my limits in endurance sport (including in the ultra and triathlon domains).

A quotation you like…

Without patience, you will never conquer endurance.” – Yiannis Kouros

Why do you run?

For health, for mindfulness, for therapy, and for joy.

Describe your best marathon memory.

Many runners will relate to the flow state that accompanies their most successful runs and races. A marathon executed in the flow state is simultaneously memorable and also hard to recall given the mindset under which it occurred!

My best marathon memories occurred during races where the legs were seemingly ticking along at a blistering pace (blistering for me, it’s all relative!) while the heart rate was contained and the body was unusually relaxed. This state was most evident for me during the 2021 Fargo Marathon, during which I set my current PR.

Why do you pace?

To give back to the sport which has given so much to me.

Tell us your best pacing experience.

The 2021 Chicago Marathon was one of those tough days where Mother Nature chose to deliver heat and humidity which prevented many runners from executing on their goal pacing after a hard season of training. I lost most of my 3:30 team by mile 20 but was super proud of the grit that every runner embodied. Late in the race I began to scoop up struggling racers including a few local friends, and felt great to be able to provide a bit of nudging and encouragement in those waning miles to help push as many runners as possible toward the finish line.

Why should someone run in your pace group?

For the solidarity, the good humor (I hope!) and most importantly, to hit that goal time!

Any tips for runners about to join your group?

Set realistic and achievable goals, know where you are in your training, and trust the process. Be ready to adjust the gameplan if race day conditions are sub-optimal, and never forget why you do this thing we all love. As so many of those corny race signs correctly point out, we pay for this!


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