Kristen PRed running with Pacer Ron!

Sunday, May ?, 2022

Run For the Red Marathon

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

The 2018 Pace Team


Attention Runners- Due to the forecast temperatures and humidity we have made appropriate adjustments to slow down the lineup.   You should adjust your race goals and plan accordingly.  Please discuss your run with us at the Expo on Saturday.  We look forward to meeting you.

3:00 GOAL FINISH TIME (6:27/Mile)    Pacer Ron    

3:20 GOAL FINISH TIME (7:38/Mile)   Pacer Jamie

3:30 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:01/Mile)   Pacer Jazmin

3:35 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:12/Mile)   Pacer Dave

3:40 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:23/Mile)    Pacer Keith    

3:45 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:35/Mile)   Pacer Jared

3:50 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:47/Mile)  Pacer Kent

3:55 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:58/Mile)   Pacer Michael

4:00 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:08/Mile)        Pacer Josh 

4:10 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:33/Mile)  Pacer Mike

4:20 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:55/Mile)      Pacer Lori

4:30 GOAL FINISH TIME (10:18/Mile)  Pacer Kevin   

4:45 GOAL FINISH TIME (10:52/Mile)  Pacer Mike

5:00 GOAL FINISH TIME (11:27/Mile)     Pacer Pete 

5:15 GOAL FINISH TIME (12:00/Mile)    Pacer Jim

Pace Team Director Pacer Jim

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