Pacer Ross 


Dubai, UAE


Current P.R.

21 min 5K...trying to break 20 min

Where were you born?

Pittsburgh, PA


Number of marathons

4 half marathons


Favorite marathon

The one at the base where I worked, USAF Marathon.

Typical pace

2:15 – 2:30 half marathons


Favorite running music

Anything Johnny Cash.


Sports and Recreation Faculty of Higher Colleges of Technology and Broadcaster on DubaiEye- The Grill


Favorite running food

I guess pasta that’s all I eat before a run

Any hobbies?

Fishing, poker and traveling.


Who do you train with?

Me, Myself, and I...I'm not much of a conversationalist when training

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell


A quotation you like…

"Stay Classy"-Ron Burgundy

Personal goals

Own my own house on a beach somewhere






Why do you run?

I got into running when I realized that if I was going to work in the marathon race industry I better use what I sell.  I now run every day.  I like to pace next to my father in the events I go to, so one day I can take the reigns as pace team leader.



Describe your best marathon memory.

My best marathon memory would be going to the Illinois Marathon.  I got the chance to pace next to my father and  it was our first event together.  I think he really enjoyed the experience and I got a taste of what pacing is like.



Why do you pace?

I pace because I am very good at it.  I am naturally a people person and love talking to new people from all walks of life.  When I pace I like to make conversation with patrons and get to know them.  I feel I am great at encouraging and helping new runners along the course.



Why should someone run in your pace group?

Running with a pacer offers a friendly environment that makes the race more pleasurable.  At times during the race you will meet new people and make new friends.  Pacers give the runner the opportunity to have fun when they run and make the time go by more quickly.  If you are having fun running you will think the race is going by much faster than it is.  I guess that is the super human strength pacers possess, they can make the race go by quicker than it would if you were not with a pacer.



Any tips for runners about to join your group?

Heed the advice of your pacer.  They are experienced runners and can help you accomplish your goals if you tell them what they are.



Anything else we should know?

Go Steelers!



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