Pacer Maria


Portage, Wisconsin


Current P.R.

Marathon 4:23:15 Half Marathon 1:59:16

Where were you born?

Austin MN “Spam Town”


Number of marathons

4 marathons


May 23


Favorite marathon

Chicago or Twin Cities it’s too close to call

Typical pace

8:45-9:20 depending on the day


Favorite running music

Black Eyed Peas or anything with a fast beat


Hospice Social Worker


Favorite running food

Pre Run: Oatmeal or peanut butter toast During: Gu and Post: Anything J

Any hobbies?

Reading, Traveling, Spending time with family/friends and my two dogs!


Who do you train with?

I train with a group of girls.  However, we all live throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota so we train mainly by calling and emailing!

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Any book by Jodi Picoult or Emily Griffin


A quotation you like…

“Winning has nothing to do with racing.  Most days don’t have races anyway.  Winning is about the struggle, effort, and optimism and never ever ever giving up.”  (Amby Burfoot, The Runners Guide to the Meaning of life)

Personal goals

To finish a marathon in under 4:10 Graduate from UW Madison with a Master’s degree in Social Work in 2011 and travel to Africa






Why do you run?


I run because it helps keep me grounded in other areas of my life and it’s something I can do anywhere I go!


Describe your best marathon memory.


I was running the Chicago marathon with my great friend Lynn.  It was her first race and I promised her that if she ran the Marathon I would stay by her side all the way.  We were at mile 22 I think and she had hit her wall.  We pushed through it together and at mile 25 I got all chocked up and teary because I was so proud of her!  We finished the race strong and now she is a runner for life. 


Why do you pace?


I pace because I want to inspire.  Pacing gives other runners that visual of what their reaching for or how great their doing.


Tell us your best pacing experience.


I’ll go into detail later J  during our run


Why should someone run in your pace group?


We will work together and keep a steady pace.  I will do everything in my running power to keep my group motivated and on track!


Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Smile even when your legs feel funny…and never say “I can’t” remember a marathon is payday it’s the day you prove to yourself that you can!


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