Pacer Liz

Where are you from? Originally, PA but living in in New Jersey

Typical pace 8:40

Occupation: Stay at Home Mom

Hobbies: Swimming, playing with our dogs, taxi driver for the kids

What are you reading now? Never Finished by David Goggins

Personal goals: Help my daughter learn to read by Christmas

A quotation you like…

Keep going. You did not come this far to come this far

Why do you run?

To be a nicer wife and mom, to challenge myself to keep being my best


Describe your best marathon memory.

Running the Boston Marathon for the first time - seeing all the fans of running and high fiving way too many people - it was the most fun!

Why do you pace?

To help others reach their goals and give back to the pacers that have helped me!

Tell us your best pacing experience.


Why should someone run in your pace group? To remember that we get to do this and have some fun along the miles we are running together 


Any tips for runners about to join your group? The most important thing is to run YOUR race. There may be times in the race you get ahead, there may be times you get behind. Run the mile you’re in, and do your best!


Anything else you’d like to share?

What philanthropic activities do you have?


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