Pacer Kendall

Where are you from?


Current P.R.


Typical pace

9-10 min/mi

Number of marathons



Writing student at Millikin University

Favorite marathon

Chicago Marathon


Aside from running? Reading and writing, playing with my dogs Kona and Bubba, browsing Imgur.

Favorite Running Food

Jelly Belly Extreme Caffeine Beans-Cherry

Before a race, I eat a plain bagel.


What are you reading now?

Runner’s World, Running Times, supposed to be reading college text books.

Who do you train with?

Pacer Jordan and the Decatur Running Club

Personal goals

Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon



A quotation you like…

Bid me run, and I will strive with things impossible. –William Shakespeare

Why do you run?


Because I absolutely love it. I love challenging myself, seeing what I can do, and trying to do better. It keeps me healthy and it is something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life!

Describe your best marathon memory.


Starting my third marathon, the 2012 Chicago Marathon, I had just started was running under the first tunnel. I was on cloud-nine, couldn’t stop smiling, and was so happy to simply be running. I knew the next 26 miles would be the most fun miles I would ever run.

Why do you pace?


I want to help other runners love running and racing just as much as I do (and I love it A LOT.)

Tell us your best pacing experience.


I loved the Detroit Marathon and helping runners cross the finish line!

Why should someone run in your pace group?


I have so much to say about running, from funny race stories to inspiring ones. I also love motivating people and hearing how they got to race day. I’m funny too. It’s true, my mom said so.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


-Make sure not to get caught up in the wave of people starting the race with a quick pace. It is much more rewarding to run evenly at a comfortable pace and have energy to finish the race strong (who knows, you might even pass some of those people who passed you at the start!)

-If you’re feeling tired or in pain, start telling people around you “nice job” or something like that. It always helps take my mind off my own suffering because it makes me think positive thoughts.

-Take advantage of water stops. It won’t hurt your time and those little “resets” often get you going quicker than you were before you stopped.






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