Pacer Katie

Where are you from?

Central Florida, currently Pittsburgh, PA

Current P.R.

3:39 Marathon 1:43 Half

Typical pace

Training for 8:20/mi race pace. When pacing, 9:00/mi for Half, 9:30/mi for Full

Number of marathons



Mental Health Counselor

Favorite marathon

WDW and New York


Hiking, reading, sports, Start Wars/Marvel fandom

Favorite Running Food

The night before I run, minestrone soup, during a run, Honey Stinger waffles

What are you reading now?

How Bad Do You Want It?- Matt Fitzgerald

Who do you train with?

Just moved so still looking for my new running community. I work with a personal running coach through Galloway

Personal goals

Grow old with running, complete the 6 major marathons (London, Berlin, and Tokyo remain)

A quotation you like…

It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard makes it great.” -Jimmy Dugan/Tom Hanks

Why do you run?

I was never a runner, but someone told me there was no way I’d ever run a marathon, so I registered for the Miami Marathon and ran it. I crossed the finish line and I knew I had found my new favorite thing. Running is my meditation, my peaceful place that is always available to me, no matter where I am.

Describe your best marathon memory.

I ran the 2018 Boston Marathon when the weather was the worst it had ever been, pouring rain, super cold, and with a nasty headwind. I will never forget running through that rain and my whole body is was numb with cold, but as we ran into the city, there was the sweetest Golden Retriever who was out to support the runners. The city still came out and was there to encourage us as we completed the race. As I ran down Boylston and past the spot where the bombing took place, I cried thinking of a dear friend who had survived that attack and what it meant to be able to run that historic course, in memory of those lost and in celebration of the running community.

Why do you pace?

There is absolutely nothing like the energy and thrill of someone accomplishing a goal that they worked hard for, being any small support for people achieving their goals is just incredible.

Tell us your best pacing experience.

When pacing the 2020 Disney Marathon, it was a very hot and humid day. I had a first time marathoner in my group, who stayed with me for the entire race. There were miles, of course, where it became more difficult, but we got to the final half mile and were running through Epcot and past Spaceship Earth, the joy she had was palpable and it was just like nothing else to share that moment with her.

Why should someone run in your pace group?

I truly love pacing, I love chatting with my group and helping them achieve their goals. I have been known to tell jokes, play games, even sing (not well) to help my runners keep moving forward.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?

Please introduce yourself and share your goals with me, I like to check in and help you game plan your approach and help you push when needed.

Anything else you’d like to share?

While running is unquestionably about the body, I truly believe the power of the runner is in their heart and mind. Your internal dialogue is essential to your success. You can do this, believe in training and in yourself and there are no limits to what you can achieve.

What philanthropic activities do you have?

I have volunteered with and fundraise for Chosen for 7 years. It is an organization that provides mental health and mentoring support and services to adoptees and youth in the foster care system, as well as their families. I also fundraise for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Minding Your Mind, the Donna Foundation, American Cancer Society, and local animal rescue groups.


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