Pacer Kara

Where are you from?

Nanuet, NY

Current P.R.


Typical pace


Number of marathons



5th Grade educator in the Bronx

Favorite marathon

Philadelphia Marathon


Running, walking, hiking, eating.

Favorite Running Food

Protein bars and electrolyte jelly beans

What are you reading now?

A New Earth

Who do you train with?

My mother (Jeanette Santa Teresa)

Personal goals

To graduate with my masters degree and be certified in teaching special education with an extension to middle school grades 7-8 in mathematics.



A quotation you like…


“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” - Drake

Why do you run?


From the first kid's fun run I did to racing competitively in college to the marathons I've run and everything in between, it has always been about family. People talk about what brings them together and for my family, our shared passion is running. It is just something we have always done. Along the way, I realized I was good at it and now I run to stay fit and healthy. The best part of my day sometimes is my daily run with my mom.

Describe your best marathon memory.


Although all of my marathon races have been memorable, if I had to choose one – it’d have to be the Philadelphia Marathon in October 2018. The main reason of why I signed up for this race was to help run with one of my close friends as she completed her very first marathon. Ever since I started running at a young age, I always viewed any race, marathons included, as not necessarily a race against every other runner, but a race against myself. This race changed my mindset because I wasn’t there for myself, I was there in support of my friend LITERALLY every step of the way. Through her challenging times of the race I was there for her every moment to support and push her. Crossing the finish line and seeing that we not only beat her goal time, but the expression on her face after she realized what she just accomplished was truly just an amazing feeling.

Why do you pace?


I pace because I enjoy helping others. Being able to help people achieve their goals on such a both physically and mentally challenging event would be an absolute dream.

Tell us your best pacing experience.


I paced friends and family for 5 and 6 hours.

Why should someone run in your pace group?


If you are to run with me, whether you plan to stay for the long run or just temporarily before you sprint away from the group, you can expect that I will be with you 100% of the way supporting you and keeping you motivated. If you are to run in my group, you will not only be running at the designated time, but I'll keep us on pace for your targeted time and keep your spirit's high.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Get a good night's rest, hydrate and don't worry -- I'll keep us on pace for your targeted time and keep your spirit's high.



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