Pacer Jeremy

Where are you from? - Beaver dam Wisconsin


Current P.R. - 3:39


Typical pace- 9:30


Number of marathons-9


Occupation- craft beer sales


Favorite marathon- chicago


Hobbies- hunting, playing soft ball, gardening, weight lifting 


Favorite Running Food- no fav , not picky


What are you reading now?-


Who do you train with?- a few friends tag along sometimes on my shorter runs, otherwise alone


Personal goals- continue to grow as a runner / pacer , I would like to get more into trail running and eventually do a 50k


A quotation you like…it never gets easier, you just get stronger


Why do you run?- i love the challenges of outdoor running


Describe your best marathon memory - my first , Green Bay 2014 , it was my first  real taste of long  running, end of the race I was exhausted , running thru lambeau field was incredible, I was about ⅔ of the way around the field and looked up and seen my step father in the seats cheering me on, meant the world to me , I learned how strong I was that day


Why do you pace? To give back to the sport , my experience can help make someone’s race a little better , it’s very rewarding


Tell us your best pacing experience.- 2019 lakefront

Marathon. My first pacing, the group had all fallen off after mile 20, caught up with 5 runners at mile 24 that were really struggling, after a few min of some conversation , all those runners said , “were gonna beat you to the finish” , and they all did


Why should someone run in your pace group? I’m fun, guarantee there will be some Laughs ,  running a marathon is challenging but I will motivate all to finish at their goal time ,


Any tips for runners about to join your group? Enjoy The run, don’t worry about time, that’s my

Job, take in the surroundings of the race and the people in our group, your here to reach your goals and have a great time doing it


What philanthropic activities do you have?- I volunteer on a committee for one of the local races in the town I live in, to support our local Running community



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