Pacer Jack

Where are you from?

Brockton,MA (current  Bonaire,GA)

Current P.R.



Typical pace

8:30 Training Pace

No of Marathons




Mx Site Resource, Controls & Projects, Frito-Lay

Favorite Marathon

2016 Boston Marathon



OOCR Racing & Training, World Ranked #2 in Age Group for the 2016 Spartan World Competitive Race Series

Favorite Running Food

Pre Marathon Pasta  Post Marathon: Steak


What are you reading now?

My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso

Who do you train with?

MaconTracks, Bonaire DD Group


Personal goals

Break 3:20 Marathon time




A quotation you like…

Plan, Train, Execute and Win!


Why do you run?

Running clears my head, purges stress, and provides for me a sense of physical strength and bodily wellbeing that I can’t get from any other activity. Running also provides for me an outlet for my competitive nature that’s healthy and constructive. I also enjoy meeting and bonding with fellow runners not only from where I live but also from across the country.


Describe your best marathon memory.

My best marathon memory was qualifying for Boston for the first time at 2013 Poconos Run for the Red marathon after missing qualification the previous weekend by 5 seconds at the Cox Providence Marathon.


Why do you pace?

To meet and help my fellow runners achieve their race goals while I’m achieving and my training objectives. It compliments my marathon training plan as I have several 26+ training runs planned before each BQ attempt.




Why should someone run in your pace group?

Do you have a race goal to achieve? Your odds increase substantially if you run with me.  I will verbally encourage you to continue forward making every mile a win! I know every water stop and GU stop and may carry an extra GU package or two J.  I also like to leverage your fellow pace group runners to help support you as well.


Any tips for runners about to join your group?

Make clear to me if this is Boston Qualifying attempt or a PR attempt. Let me know to what extent you want to be pushed during those last six miles.  Your taper provides huge race day performance benefits, don’t skip it!  Enjoy it and take it easy!


Anything else you’d like to share?

Please, hydrate well and Carb load two days before your marathon! Celebrate the night after and not the night before your marathon.  Don’t forget your chaffing preventive treatments.


What philanthropic activities do you have?

Childrens Hospital Silent Auction Fundraising, Colon Cancer Alliance Undy5000, Toys for Tots & United Way


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