Saturday and Sunday, February 25-26, 2023
Tampa Bay Gasparilla Distance Classic
Tampa Bay, Florida 


Saturday February 25th, 2025
Tampa Bay Gasparilla 15K and 5K

Tampa Bay, Florida

6:30/Mile   Pacer Derek


7:30/Mile    Pacer Paige

8:00/Mile  Pacer Prashantha or Pacer Robert

8:30/Mile.  Pacer Robert or  Pacer Prashantha


 9:30/Mile  Pacer James

  10:00/Mile    Pacer Lauren

10:30/Mile  Pacer Tia & Pacer Archana

11:00/Mile    Pacer Sandi

   11:30/Mile  Pacer Schrie

12:00/Mile     Pacer Tim

Pace Team Director   Pacer Jim

Sunday February 26th, 2023
Tampa Bay Gasparilla Half Marathon

Tampa Bay, Florida 

1:35 GOAL FINISH TIME (7:15/Mile)   Pacer Derek

1:40 GOAL FINISH TIME (7:38/Mile)   

1:45 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:01/Mile)   Pacer Paige

1:50 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:24/Mile)  Pacer Robert

1:55 GOAL FINISH TIME (8:47/Mile)   Pacer Prashantha

2:00 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:10/Mile)

2:10 GOAL FINISH TIME (9:55/Mile)   Pacer James

    2:15 GOAL FINISH TIME (10:18/Mile)    Pacer Lauren

2:20 GOAL FINISH TIME (10:41/Mile)  Pacer Archana

2:25 GOAL FINISH TIME (11:04/Mile)     Pacer Sandi

  2:30 GOAL FINISH TIME (11:26/Mile)  Pacer Schrie

2:45 GOAL FINISH TIME (12:36/Mile)   Pacer Tim   

 3:00 GOAL FINISH TIME (13:44/Mile)   Pacer Jim

Expo Manager  Pacer Sandi

Pace Team Director  Pacer Jim

If you have any questions, please contact

6:30/Mile    Pacer Derek


7:30/Mile   Pacer Paige

8:00/Mile  Pacer Prashantha 

8:30/Mile  Pacer Robert


    9:30/Mile   Pacer James

   10:00/Mile    Pacer Lauren

10:30/Mile  Pacer Tia

 11:00/Mile   Pacer Sandi

   11:30/Mile  Pacer Schrie

12:00/Mile   Pacer Tim 

13:30/Mile   Pacer Jim


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