Frequently Asked Questions About the Pace Team

Welcome to the Pace Team webpage.   As a benefit to runners the Pace Team will be there for you.  We will be offering experienced pacers for a wide variety of times including many of the Boston qualifying standards.  We hope you will find this support useful as you strive to achieve your marathon goals. 

The pace leader runs a steady pace and keeps track of that pace so that the runners can achieve their goal of finishing the marathon at a particular time. There are wonderful benefits of running with a pacer. You’ll be supported by a cheerful leader and will be socially distanced from other runners sharing the same goal as you.

One of the biggest mistakes that marathoners make is starting out too fast and then hitting the wall in the later portions of the race. The Pacer will run at an even pace per mile. If the pace feels too slow in the beginning of the race that’s normal. Just follow the Pacer and ask about an appropriate strategy for the second half. If you find the pace too fast in the early miles, then slow down and drop back from the team so you’ll be able to finish the race.

The Pacers promise to provide fun and excitement for both first time, and experienced marathoners looking to reach their running goals - whether that's a personal best, or just getting across the finish line. Below are the answers to a few common questions about the Pace Team.

How do I sign up to run with a Pacer?

Just stop by our booth at the expo and we'll discuss your race plan and make sure you're in the proper pace group.  You can also find us at the beginning of the race. 

Where do the Pacers come from? 

All of our Pacers were chosen because of their years of running many marathons around the country but most importantly their extensive marathon pacing experience. Our Pacers are dynamic and personable, and know from past experience exactly what it takes to help you have a great marathon experience. 

What Pace  TIMES are offered?

The lineup for each event is posted on this website and you can read about the individual pace leaders there.  Additional times may be added so check with us at the Expo.

What pace group should I be in?   

The best way to select the proper goal time is to consult the Race Prediction charts at  There you can base your desired finish time on a previous shorter race you’ve completed this season.  It’s very important not to start out too fast in the marathon and to select the proper pace based on your actual previous performance.

What does it cost to run with the Pace Team?   

The Pace Team is free to registered runners and doesn’t cost you anything!

How will the Pacers be running the race? 

Every pace leader will be holding a steady pace throughout the marathon. These "even splits” are the best way to achieve your peak performance in the race. They will make appropriate adjustments for elevation changes and to deal with course crowding issues.  

Will the Pacers start out on pace exactly?  How do they do that!?  

The guys and gals serving as Pace Leaders are very experienced and know their pace well.  Sometimes they will start slower and may take a couple of miles to settle into a steady pace.  Most importantly, they won’t take you out too fast and burn up all your energy early on. 

Isn't my GPS device a better way to manage my race? 

While such devices can be good training tools, the experienced Pacer will make appropriate course adjustments and dynamically work with the members of their group to achieve optimal performance.  Over the distance of the marathon the inaccuracies of GPS devices will likely result in different course length measurements and individual mile splits.  Don't worry about that and trust the Pacer to get you to the finish on time.

Here is a link to an excellent article about GPS accuracy. Please read this if you ran with us and felt that the Pacer was not accurate according to your GPS device.  


Several websites have a Pace Band creator that can be useful if you want to check your own splits. Of course when you run with us, we'll do that for you and let you know how we're doing at every mile. 

Where will my Pace Leader be on race morning?

About 30 minutes before the start we’ll be assembling in the starting area.  Each Pacer will be holding up their pace sign so when you see it go and join up with them.  About 15 minutes before the start the Pacer will give you some last minute instructions about running with them.   They will talk about the course, what to do if you need a break, and how to make it through the water stops.  We will be wearing our bright Pace Team uniforms.  Now is the time to ask any last-minute questions you may have.

What will the Pace Leader do at the fluid stations? 

Uh, they will drink.  The Pacer will usually slow down or walk through the water stops. Listen for this information during the last-minute instructions.

Will there be Pace Leaders for me if I’ve trained using a run-walk method? 

You can use the Pace Leader as a guide even if you’re using the run-walk method.  You will be meeting up with the Pace Leader regularly throughout the marathon after starting with them.  During your walks you will fall behind, and during your runs you will catch up to the group.

If I join a Pace group do I have to stay with them for the whole marathon? 

No you don’t. However, if you feel great at the start of the race that’s normal and you should stay with the group through the halfway point.  Then you can consult with the group leader on an appropriate strategy for the second half of the race. If you’re not having a great day then slow down, take some walking breaks and work your way to the finish line. If you’re trying to hit a PR the best advice we can give you is to stick next to your pace leader for the whole race.  

Will each group have the same Pace Leader for the entire marathon? 

Yes. Each pace group will have one leader and they will run the entire 26.2 miles.  You won’t be abandoned or handed off to a newcomer in the middle of the race.   We’ll stick with you from start to finish.

What should I do after the race? 

Stay on your feet, walk around for 15-30 minutes, and eat and drink to replenish your exhausted body.  When stopped at the airport metal detector exclaim, “Oh that must be my Marathon medal.” After you’re home, sit down and email your race story to me at  Begin planning for your next marathon.  Wear your medal to bed.

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