Pacer David

Where are you from?

Erie, PA

Current P.R.


Typical pace

Training: 6:20, Pacing 7:15

Number of marathons



Software Architect

Favorite marathon




Favorite Running Food

Pizza and jellybeans

What are you reading now?


Who do you train with?

Local runners faster than me J

Personal goals

Biggest goal is to hit 6:00 pace in the marathon



A quotation you like…



Why do you run?


My geometry teacher in HS asked me if I was a runner, and I said yes without knowing that he was the XC coach.  I haven’t stopped since.

Describe your best marathon memory.


My current PR in Hartford.  I had trained well over the summer, but the last month wasn’t my best training cycle.  I wasn’t going to try for a PR until the weather lined up perfectly. During the race I remember hesitating a few times, then realizing that I may not have this opportunity again.  So I went for it, by mile 18 my calves started to cramp and it was damage control on my way to the finish. I did everything I could to come in under 2:50, but my legs charlie-horsed multiple times in the last half mile.  I remember having to stop dead as I watched the clock tick up from 2:49:5X, and hearing the crowd yelling for me not to stop with only 100ft to go.  I had set a goal of 2:50 13 years prior to this, and it was an emotional moment as I crossed the line.

Why do you pace?


Running changed my life for the better, and it’s been a rewarding experience to help others achieve their marathon goals.

Tell us your best pacing experience.


So far, Niagara Falls.  We had a big group of about 10 people when we crossed the bridge into Canada, but once we hit a constant headwind from the north, my group spread out.  I offered to cut the wind for anyone left, but I’m not a big guy, so only one was able to tuck in behind me.  I led him through the tough parts, and he stuck with me.  At about mile 21 we came up on another runner who had been fighting the wind himself.  We offered to help, and he was happy to see us.  I maintained pace, and unfortunately had to leave them both.  They came in about two minutes after me and gave me a huge hug, thanking me for the help. They both BQ’d, and hit massive PR’s.  That’s what makes it so rewarding.

Why should someone run in your pace group?


I’ve been training my ability to pace ever since I started running with a watch.  I’ve always been able to maintain a pace close to the desired one once I establish a base line.  My coaches saw this, and would have me pace speed workouts.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Relax, and have a chat.  I’ll get you there!



What philanthropic activities do you have?

I have several family members, friends, and a pet that have Epilepsy, so you’ll see me wearing purple every now and then.



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