Pacer  Dave




Bettendorf, Iowa




Current P.R.


3:23 -“Lakefront” Milwaukee, Wi


Where were you born?


Davenport, Ia




Number of marathons






December 23




Favorite marathon


Quad Cities Marathon


Typical pace


8:23 (marathon)




Favorite running music


Johnny Cash








Favorite running food


Shot Blocks-Strawberry


Any hobbies?


Gardening, writing, helping other runners




Who do you train with?


I train with a bunch of fun loving runners from the Quad Cities


Favorite book, what are you reading now


Highest Duty-Sulley Sullenberger





A quotation you like¼


My favorite one now is from a Nike Shirt “if I can’t run, how am I going to get home?”


Personal goals


Would like to break 3:20 this Fall











Why do you run?



I run because of the great feeling it gives me, being a truckdriver, sometimes I come home from work very stressed out and a quick run when I get home makes it all better.




Describe your best marathon memory.



2007 HOT Chicago Marathon. Misplaced a friend I was going to start with at the beginning of the race and miraculously reconnected about 8 miles in amongst all the heat related carnage and ran a 4 hour marathon with a big smile at the end!




Why do you pace?



I pace because of the satisfaction of helping others.




Tell us your best pacing experience.



Most recent was at the Des Moines Marathon Oct 2009. A friend had just missed qualifying for Boston just 2 weeks before and I talked her into believing the missed opportunity was her last long run, and she bought it. Signed up and ran with me the whole way for her perfectly paced Boston Qualifier.




Why should someone run in your pace group?



If you have a history of going too fast in the beginning of a Marathon and then crashing at the end you should run with me because I will run even pace the whole way.




Any tips for runners about to join your group?



Best tip is get a good night’s sleep the night before the night of the race and relax the day before. Race day- leave the worries to me!




Anything else you’d like to share?


Don’t forget to double tie your shoelaces


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