Pacer Crista's 4:00 Group at Detroit 2012

 Crista leads the 4:00 Pace Group at the 2012 USAF Marathon!

Pacer Crista at Rockford '11

   Pacer Crista

Where are you from?

Bellefontaine, Ohio


Current P.R.



Number of marathons


Typical pace

8:10 to 8:30


Favorite marathon

Air Force Marathon


Stay at home mom


Favorite Running Food

Chocolate Gu during a run and pizza of any kind after I’m done.


Running (of course), gardening, quilting


Who do you train with?

Just myself and the cornfields of midwest Ohio.  Used to train with my husband, but that was before kids came along!

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Anything Jane Austen.  Not reading anything at the moment unless Dr. Suess counts


A quotation you like…

“Suck it up and keep running”… Just made it up but I say it over and over in my head during long training runs!

Personal goals

Run a marathon in all 50 states. Complete an Ironman.  First I need to learn to swim!!






Why do you run?


For my health.  To set an example for my kids.  And for the feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes after setting a goal and completing it.


Describe your best marathon memory.


Hatfield/McCoy marathon in KY.  Small marathon with two “mountains” that my husband and I conquered in the rain.  The volunteers were terrific and all the runners bonded together since we were all wet and miserable!!


Why do you pace?


I have gotten so much joy from running, It is my goal to help others attain that joy and sense of accomplishment, whether it is a first time marathon or setting a new PR.  It’s all about the love of running!


Tell us your best pacing experience.


My first time pacing and I was running with a young woman who was really struggling the last mile of the half marathon.  I kept pumping her up and when we reached the final .2 miles I gave her the pacing stick and she took off.  I was honored to help her make a new PR by 15 minutes.


Why should someone run in your pace group?


I am super excited to listen to other runners share funny running stories as well as inspiring stories.  I’d love to share mine with you too.  Running a marathon isn’t just about finishing.  It’s about the experience, and I want to make sure everyone has a great time.


Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Don’t get worked up before the race.  Just relax and know that you are going to give it your all and that is what is important.


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