Pacer Carol

Where are you from?

North Canton, OH

Current P.R.


Typical pace

If I had to pick one pace to run the rest of my life, 9 min/mi

Number of marathons

14. Also have done 2 Half-Ironmans, Buckeye Trail 50K and Mohican Trail 50 mile


Registered Nurse

Favorite marathon



Trail running, biking, trying things I am really bad at doing, hanging out with my handi-capable rescue dog Rooney

Favorite Running Food

Peanut Butter Pretzels

What are you reading now?

Any word written by Mark Remy.

Who do you train with?

North Canton Running, Jackson Running Group, Crooked River Trail Runners

Personal goals

Run a sub 3:35 marathon. Have a fast enough qualifier to get into Boston.



A quotation you like…

“Change can be uncomfortable, but so is staying the same.”


Why do you run?


Because there is no better feeling than accomplishing a goal you never would have imagined for yourself previously.  

Describe your best marathon memory.


Mile 20 in my first marathon, I was running through a neighborhood when I saw a woman holding a “YOU’RE DOING IT!” sign. It snapped me out of my daze and I realized “WOW! I REALLY AM DOING THIS!” Best feeling ever.

Why do you pace?


I like responsibility, enjoy meeting new people, LOVE encouraging people, and because it is a privilege!

Tell us your best pacing experience.


Running with Mike Kayatin’s pace group in Akron 2013. A great group of runners sharing stories and having fun on the perfect fall day for a run.

Why should someone run in your pace group?


Because I am crazy about consistency, ridiculously enthusiastic, and I am a nurse so I won’t let you die out there!

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Trust your training and know that I cannot wait to meet you. You are already a Rock Star in my mind!

Anything else you’d like to share?

If you had told me 5 years ago I would run a full marathon I would not have believed you. You never know what you can do until you start pushing boundaries!


What philanthropic activities do you have?

Love volunteering doing anything outside. Particularly love helping with races and volunteering at Camp Wanake.



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