Pacer Carolina


Where are you from?

New York City (via FL and NC)

Current P.R.


Typical pace

8-8:30min Marathon, 7:20-8min for Half

Number of marathons



Advertising Sales

Favorite marathon

NYC Marathon 2013


Yoga, theater, traveling, charity volunteering, blogging

Favorite Running Food

Chocolate Gu, Kind Bars

What are you reading now?

Jack Daniels Running, Variety, Unbroken

Who do you train with?

Atlanta Track Club and myself

Personal goals

3:25 Marathon, Health & Run Coach business, complete an Ironman



A quotation you like…

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”  ― Dr. Seuss

Why do you run?


I run to feel good, healthy, free, and happy, see the outdoors, and to either train, stay fit or clear my mind.

Describe your best marathon memory.


Running down the streets of Chicago in October 2013 where my dad who has passed was from, him being a runner it was very memorable to know he was looking down on me.

Why do you pace?


I like to help others stay motivated, on a certain scheduled time, and enjoy the race and running.

Tell us your best pacing experience.


When someone in the group didn’t think they would be able to keep pace or stay with the group, but kept up the whole time and felt so good after they hugged me!

Why should someone run in your pace group?


I am a very positive and aware runner, watching out for others, staying focused, motivated and on track to reach their goals.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


You should stay with the group, listen to your body, relax, drink fluids, watch your pace each mile, and conserve energy when possible.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Running is an amazing sport. Races allow you to have a special experience and set certain goals for yourself to better your health and outlook on life. Running gives back!


What philanthropic activities do you have?

I’m part of the Friends of the DreamBall and plan the DreamBall After Dark event each year raising money for the Look Good Feel Better program with the American Cancer Society. I’m also a part of many walks/races raising money for charities. I’m also a Greensward Circle member fundraising for the Central Park Conservancy, and Junior Board member of Catholic Charities of NY.



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