Pacer Brian at the Ann Arbor Marathon

  Pacer Brian


Jackson, MI


Current P.R.

2:59 at Little Rock 2013

Where were you born?

Sumpter, SC (USAF)


Number of marathons



June 1968


Favorite marathon

Boston 07

Typical pace

7:00-8:00 min/mi


Favorite running music

Hard/Classic Rock


Electric Power Engineer


Favorite running food

Roctane for marathon fuel.  Prerace – oatmeal with banana and a shot of coffee

Any hobbies?

Running (duh)   Enjoy activities with my wife and five girls.


Who do you train with?

Sharp Park Running group –  10 competitive athletes pushing each other to stretch our limits

Favorite book, what are you reading now?

Running Times/Runner’s World

The Shack


A quotation you like…

Your happiness in life depends on the quality of your thoughts

Personal goals

50 state marathoner






Why do you run?


To maintain or become faster as I get older, age group competition, camaraderie.  I enjoy the journey of running, exploring new roads, trails and destinations.  I love the side effects of running: Burns fat, strengthens the heart, maintains lean muscle mass . ect…


Describe your best marathon memory.


When I turned the last corner at Boston and had I mile to go.  The roar and energy of the crowd was overwhelming.


Why do you pace?


To inspire and share what I’ve learned being a student of the sport.  I am excited about meeting people who share the same interest as I do.  I like being part of a group working together to reach our same goal.



Why should someone run in your pace group?


Most importantly I will keep us from going out too fast.  I love to talk race strategy:  hydration, weather, hills, wind (drafting) efficiency, form, race nutrition, mental toughness.  Bring on your questions. We’ll push through the tough miles at the end together.


Any tips for runners about to join your group?


I will slow down during water stations but I don’t walk. Avoid prerace gels, save them for the course.  More than likely it’ll spike your insulin and could cause you to become sluggish.  Preferably, do a slow carb-load process starting 3 days prior and ending with that morning’s breakfast.


Anything else you’d like to share?

Don’t worry about the run. You’ve put in the necessary training, so have a positive expecting mindset. If you can “see” accomplishment happen beforehand, it will come to pass. 



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