Pacer Amy at the Chattanooga Marathon

Pacer Amy

Where are you from?

Waldorf, Maryland

Current P.R.

3:46:02 (Albany Marathon, March 2012)

Typical pace

Racing: 3:55-4:15, when I’m pacing: 4:30-5:00, depending on which group I am assigned.

Number of marathons

70+ (as of December 2015)


US Army Military Police

Favorite marathon

Too many to list!



Favorite Running Food

Pizza (post run of course!)

What are you reading now?

Honestly, too busy to read! Always running or working

Who do you train with?

Either solo or with a couple of friends in the local area.

Personal goals

Complete a marathon in all 50 states, complete at least 100 marathons



A quotation you like…


“Life’s a garden, dig it!”- Joe Dirt

Why do you run?


For the bling! Haha, also…..I have a sweet tooth so I run to feel less guilty. 

Describe your best marathon memory.


There’s so many! But one of the best was running the Boston Marathon in 2012 for charity. I ran for the Run for the Fallen charity, in honor of a Fallen Soldier who died in 2006 while deployed to Iraq. I got to meet the Soldier’s grandfather and spend some time with him and got to learn about that Soldier. Of course, Boston was an amazing experience in itself, but meeting that Soldier’s grandfather and being able to run for that Soldier was priceless as well.

Why do you pace?


I have had many people help me in my running journey, I just want to pay it forward to others.

Tell us your best pacing experience.


Pacing many runners to their first marathon finish or a PR (personal record).

Why should someone run in your pace group?


I’m guaranteed that I’ll keep you entertained. I’m a chatterbox and do my best to keep the group engaged. I’m positive and upbeat and will get you to the finish.

Any tips for runners about to join your group?


Be prepared to have fun! Also, trust in your pacers. We will get you to the finish.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m a former Drill Sergeant, but don’t worry….I won’t yell at you too much. :-P

What philanthropic activities do you have?


I am involved in volunteer projects in my military community.


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